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On the edge of the Cotswolds

9 miles south of Gloucester

3 miles west of Stroud

51°.44’.33” N

02°.17’.02” W

Height 41 Metres/135 Feet

Postcode GL10 in Google maps.

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Arthur French 1920-2016

His memories of Stonehouse

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Millennium Stone

Alfred James Durn from Whiteshill joined the British army in 1911 age 17. By the time of the Battle of the Somme in 1916 he was an acting Corporal.  From his memoirs:-

…The battle of the Somme, when every body who could stand was drafted to France. We arrived to reinforce our 2nd Battalion who had been badly cut up, we joined them while they were out at rest behind the Somme battle front.

We were soon sent to the trenches and what a mess mud, mud, mud every where, water up to our knees, four days in the lines was as much as any one could take, lying doggo during the day and patrolling at night.

This went on until November 1916 when we attacked toward the town of Albert, this when our tanks were used for the first time. We attacked at dawn after crawling forward to the assembly point, after a terrific bombardment we advanced with not a lot of opposition, after passing the H.L.I. we continued to advance till we arrived at the third line of defence of the Germans.

Whether we advanced too quickly or our guns failed to lift the barrage I do not know, but the shells dropping behind us were knocking us out, one lump of shell made a big dent in my steel helmet, any way away we went again. I had not gone far when a shell dropped close behind me and down I went with a lump of shell in the back of my thigh. Having rolled into a shell hole I soon had my jack knife out and cut my trousers in order to apply my 1st aid field dressing.

Having lain there for a while to get over the shock I found a bit of pole and started to hobble back as I thought to the rear.

Other lads were lying around, but my only thought was to obtain a bit of cover from the stuff that was flying about. Eventually I dropped into a trench occupied by the H.L.I. Here a Sgt. bandaged me and said “You will be in England by Christmas" and directed me to the casualty clearing station….


           His Memoirs:-

A J Durn

Welcome to our History Journal 2016 Issue 6

Which is now available to purchase.

This year several of our articles feature the memories of people who have lived in Stonehouse, either for many years or just for a short spell. Their time in our town has influenced their lives and we are glad to record their experiences. Both Audrey Broomhall and Roy Edwards have recently re-visited the scenes of their youth with great enjoyment.

As always we would be glad to hear from you if you have information to add to the topics covered in this Journal.

Torre Monumental

100 years old.

On September 18, 1909 there was an offer by the British residents of Buenos Aires to erect a monumental column to commemorate the centenary of the Argentinean May Revolution. It was designed by English architect Sir Ambrose Macdonald Poynter (1867–1923),

The clock tower was finished in 1916 by Hopkins & Gardom, with materials shipped from England such as the white Portland stone and the 55,000 bricks from Stonehouse Brick and Tile Co Ltd Gloucestershire.

The technical personnel responsible for the construction also came from England. The inauguration of the building took place on May 24, 1916 and was attended by the President of Argentina Victorino de la Plaza and British dignitaries led by the minister plenipotentiary Reginald Tower.

The tower reaches a height of 75.5 m (247 ft 8 12 in) and has eight floors. There are clocks at the 35 m (114 ft 10 in) level, and the bells were designed in imitation of the ones at Westminster Abbey.

Stonehouse History Group

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We meet at the Town Hall in the High Street Stonehouse

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Weds Sept 14th 7 30pm

John Putley

Blood Guts & a little off the top!

Weds Oct 12th 7 30pm

Pete Strong

Sudbrook & the Severn Tunnel

Weds Nov 9th 7 30pm

Barry Harrison

The man who took Stroud’s


Weds Dec 14th  7-30pm

Roy Edwards

Memories of School Days 1953-56.


Weds Jan 11th  7-30 pm

Stonehouse in WW2

Jim Dickson & Vicki Walker

Weds Feb 8th  7-30 pm

Howard Beard

Victorian Stroud & surrounding area in old photographs.

Weds Mar 8th  7-30 pm

Philip Wilkinson

Great British Brands

Weds April 12th  7-30 pm

Mary Greensted

Nature Gardens & the Cotswold Arts & Crafts Movement.

Weds May 10th  7-30 pm


Members Show & Tell

Weds Dec 13th  7-30 pm

Cherry Hubbard

Tudor Christmas